Ms Azra Ljujić


Welcome to Gimnazija Crnjanski IB Department. As the IB Coordinator I feel privileged to be part of our Crnjanski community. We feel confident that you will discover that our IB Department is a caring, student-centred learning community that inspires and challenges our students.

Our mission states that we aim to develop young people who will become independent inquirers, socially responsible, with a s strong sense of multiculturalism.

The IB Department at Gimnazija Crnjanski was established in 2006. and has been operating successfully ever since. We are very proud of all our staff members who we considered to be our greatest asset. Students as well as parents appreciate their professionalism and knowledge.

At the centre of our programme we have TOK, Extended Essay and CAS. TOK teaches our students how to think critically, Extended Essay gives them the opportunity to learn through actively doing academic research. These things have been shown to enhance learning. Our CAS programme gives students the opportunity to engage with each other and the community, and to be reflective in their actions.

If you are seeking a school that values rigorous academic preparation in a caring and open-minded environment that emphasizes principled learning, we welcome you to contact the school for further information.


Ms Azra Ljujić

IB DP Coordinator

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