About Us

About Us


Educational System “Crnjanski”, which covers institutions from preschool to grammar school, including Cambridge International Programme and the International Baccalaureate Programme, is known for its openness towards the new. It is an educational system that seeks to join the true values of local and global, through the interwining and reciprocity.


Educational System “Crnjanski” is based on the goals, vision and mission defined according to the recommendations of the Council of Europe. It has emerged on the foundation and rich experience of new, different, modern world school. The main objective of the Educational System “Crnjanski” is to educate the educated and humane young people for tomorrow’s better and more beautiful world, and its vision is to be a school for life and school that prepares for lifelong learning.

Principal’s word

Having been working in education and with young people, and particularly since I have become a principal in the Educational System “Crnjanski”, I have wondered what are the development and work directions that would qualify a modern school and the students’ needs aged from six to nineteen.

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