Head of Cambridge department – Psychologist

Psychologist, MA in Psychology. Graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy and the Department of Psychology, University of Belgrade. Worked at the Ministry of Education as the Minister adviser and a Coordinator for some pilot projects. She was also a school psychologist and a teacher of psychology in some Belgrade secondary and elementary schools. She was a sport psychologist at the Sport Institute and the Sport Society “Red Star”. Additionally, she worked with some NGOs. She is a graduated family therapist, certified for TA 101, and a trainer in both gender and anti- trafficking issues. She is a coauthor of several books for preschool children dealing with mathematics and logical and critical thinking together with some anti-trafficking handbooks. At Gimnazija Crnjanski since 2007, working as: a psychologist-counselor at the IBDP, the Head of the Cambridge Department at the same school, and a psychologist at the primary school Plavi krug.

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