Secondary 2

Secondary 2

Secondary 2 – IGCSE (14-16 years)

Cambridge IGCSE is the world’s most popular international curriculum for 14-16 year olds, leading to globally recognised and valued Cambridge IGCSE qualifications. Clearly defined learning outcomes and content mean Cambridge IGCSE is compatible with other curricula, and is internationally relevant and sensitive to different needs and cultures. It encourages learner-centred and enquiry-based approaches to learning, while developing learners’ skills in creative thinking, enquiry and problem solving. The students at our school can choose 6-8 of the following IGCSE subjects, all taught in english:

  • English as a First Language
  • English as a Second Language
  • Mathematics
  • German (Foreign Language)
  • French (Foreign Language)
  • Spanish (Foreign Language)
  • Geography
  • History
  • Science Co-ordinated
  • Business Studies
  • Computer Studies

1. Flexibility Schools can easily adapt the Cambridge curriculum to suit their needs. This means that schools with bilingual programmes can integrate Cambridge programmes alongside their national curricula.

2. International standards – Cambridge qualifications are internationally benchmarked and recognised by universities and employers worldwide.

3. External assessment – A variety of assessment options is available at different stages of the curriculum. This formal assessment helps direct students’ learning, providing a record of attainment.

4. Global outlook  Cambridge programmes develop global awareness while increasing language proficiency.

The School Environment

The school environment is international and provides an exciting, multilingual school context that is continually striving towards excellence. The spacious 5,000 m 2  four-floor building features more than 25 classrooms, modern science and ICT labs, 2 libraries (with more than 5,000 books), theatre, sports gym, outdoor courts and canteen. The teaching staff is highly educated in Serbia and abroad, and accredited to deliver international programmes. Striving to respond to the needs of both parents and students, the international programme offers work in small classes with individual attention to specific development needs, where the emphasis is on creative thinking skills and knowledge, rather than rote learning. The teaching staff has been carefully selected to motivate students towards increasingly self-reliant study, preparing them for the university environment. We are committed to promoting the values of holistic education, which develops both the intellectual and social skills your child needs in life. To support your child’s well being, the school fosters a culture of trust between a student and his/her mentor. This means that the students each  choose one of the teachers as a mentor, who helps them feel confident, cope with the workload and deal with any other issues in school life. The student’s mentor communicates with the parents and informs them about their child’s personal and academic growth.

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