What is ECDL?

The European Computer Driving Licence is test of essential IT concepts, practical skills and competencies knowledge, which certifies that the certification holder is fully competent for the use of personal computer and basic software applications. Due to great success achieved by ECDL in Europe, the programme has been extended to the whole world as International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL).

How to obtain the certification?

Examination is carried out at the accredited ECDL test centers. The test material is identical in all countries and it is created by ECDL Foundation in cooperation with a large number of experts from all over the world.

Today’s personal and professional development and advancement of each individual in a society requires IT education. In this sense, the ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence) programme is an ideal solution for this kind of education.

Grammar School “Crnjanski” is an accredited TEST CENTER for ECDL Core (Serial Number ATC0149).

Within the Educational System “Crnjanski” you can obtain ECDL Start and ECDL Core Certification.

Two lecturers and examiners at the Grammar School “Crnjanski” are certified by the ECDL Foundation for Teaching and Testing of Candidates.

Testing and obtaining an ECDL Start or ECDL Core Certifications can be carried out with or without  lectures.

The programme is intended for students of senior years of grammar and secondary schools as well as for those who are employed or seeking employment.

The ECDL certification is recognized by the National Employment Service as evidence of the use of a personal computer and basic software applications in everyday work.

ECDL Start Certification

The ECDL Start Certification is obtained by a candidate who has passed 4 modules of their choice. It guarantees that the holder of the certificate is fully competent to use the personal computer and work in the specified applications on the certification.

ECDL Core Certification

ECDL Core Certification is obtained by a candidate who has passed all 7 modules. It guarantees that the certificate holder is fully competent to use personal computers and basic software applications in everyday work.

Accredited ECDL Core Examiner

It guarantees that the certification holder is competent to conduct testing of candidates for obtaining the ECDL certification at the Accredited Test Center.

Reasons for the introduction and implementation of ECDL programmes in Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro

The rapid development of information communication technologies and their impact on all spheres of life, as well as the changes they cause on the global economic scene, create increasingly demanding conditions of the environment in which we do our business.
Nevertheless, according to the Republic Statistics Bureau, even 56.4% of citizens never used the Internet, while 63.3% of the population does not have an Internet connection. The majority of citizens is on the wrong side of the digital division and is unable to take advantages of ICT. Although huge funds are being invested in infrastructure development, the digital gap remains unchanged. Therefore, the return of the invested funds is limited. The number of reports, suggesting the failure of ICT projects, is increasing because users do not possess the appropriate knowledge and skills.
Investing in human capital, and raising the level of digital literacy will provide us with the creation of an information society in which everyone will benefit from the benefits of ICT implementation.
ECDL, as an internationally recognized standard of knowledge of computer work, is a criterion for evaluating the ability of final computer users.

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