Armistice Day – WWI poetry reading evening. A night to remember!

IBDP Y1 and Y2 students, Cambridge Grade 10 have decided to commemorate the Armistice Day by organizing and performing in the evening of WWI poetry reading. The students were reading poetry in six languages, namely Serbian, English, French, German, Russian and Spanish written by well-known WWI poets: M. Crnjanski, D. Vasiljev, V. P. Dis, M. Bojić, W. Owen, R. Brooke, S. Sassoon, G. Apollinaire, E. Muhsam, H. Ball, G. Trakl, N. Aseev, V. Mayakovsky, F .G. Lorca, A. Machado. It was emotional and sincere – a night that parents, teachers and students will remember.

enclosure: 91716830 video/mp4

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