Grammar School “Crnjanski”

Grammar School “Crnjanski”

Plan and programme of the Grammar School „Crnjanski“

Private Grammar School “Crnjanski“ was founded in 2002 and verified by the the Ministry of Education and Sports of Serbia as a general grammar school, but also as a unique and exemplary school that would prepare students for learning in different systems of knowledge and skills that have practical application or social mission.

The Grammar school was designed as a modern school with a balanced relationship of classical and contemporary contents, open to experiment and innovation. The purpose of its construction is for the purpose of education. The school has a space of about 2,000 square meters, spacious, bright classrooms, study room for computer science, art, foreign languages and science, the gymnasium and an assembly hall at its disposal. The guidelines and goals of the Grammar School “Crnjanski” encompass education for life, the promotion of all talents, creativity, personal development, critical opinion, independent work, respect for values such as democracy and human rights humanistic values. In addition to already represented teaching fields, defined by the curriculum, the Grammar School “Crnjanski” also offers individualized programmes tailored to the students who are actively engaged in sports, providing the possibility of consultative, additional work in order to successfully master the curriculum and maintain the continuity of extracurricular obligations.

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