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On Wednesday, May 23, at the Cultural Center “Cukarica”, thanks to the idea and organization of the Studio “BIS!” and  the drama workshop of the Grammar School “Crnjanski”, we had a great opportunity to watch the play “(UN)FORTUNATE MEN” in the performance of the drama  group of the First Grammar School of Kragujevac. Apart from the fact that we attended an extraordinary avant-garde performance, that left no one indifferent and a modern scene expression that does not get on the audience’s better side- so rare even on big theater stages, this was also an excellent opportunity for gathering of young drama talents and admirers of the Belgrade schools: Grammar School “Crnjanski”, the First and the Ninth Grammar Schools of Belgrade and, of course, young actors from the First Grammar School of Kragujevac.

The performance of Kragujevac was made according to R. Vitrak’s text  “Viktor, or children in power,” and it depicted that “children” on the stage, with energy and imagination, can overcome adults, and that they have much to say through the form of political satire on today’s society, the  disintegration of moral values in the family and beyond, as well as many social and political phenomena that have filled our lives in the wrong  way.

All-day encounter with the hosts from the Studio “BIS!” and  the Grammar School “Crnjanski”, the visit to our school and the afternoon at  Ada Ciganlija, gave this event a special dimension, and grotesque creatures from the stage had as a result, at the end of the day, cheerful, smiling  and satisfied faces of our guests from Kragujevac.

We appreciate the support of CC “Cukarica” and we send to residents of Kragujevac warm greetings and a wish to be our guests again!

PHOTOS: Una Veselinovic and Ognjen Milosevic

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