Admission policy

In line with the IBDP mission, vision and philosophy, we look for candidates who are:

  • strongly motivated and determined to excel
  • whose academic performance is average to excellent
  • whose conduct is overall good
  • who are internationally minded and respectful to others
  • whose qualities would enrich the IBDP community at Crnjanski and be a positive contribution to it.

Previous experience with the IB programmes can be an advantage, but is not a prerequisite for admission.

Admission procedure

Applications for admission are accepted throughout the year. The Admission body comprises the Head of School, the IBDP coordinator and the IBDP counselor. They make an official decision on the application after the initial contact and interview has been made and the relevant documents received.

Student should submit evidence of previous schooling: two full years, most recently completed, of school transcripts or reports, as well as the year in progress( if applicable).


Comprises apllication forms and diagnostic tests.

Application forms

After the initial contact, prospective student and their parents should fill in the following  application forms:

  • Student form – student`s general data and self-evaluation form – filled in by the student
  • Parent form – parents`/guardian`s general data and their child`s evaluation form – filled in by parent/guardian
  • Subject choice form – the list of desired subjects to be studied in DP – filled in by student

Application pack can be filled in and submitted either at school during enrollment, or downloaded, printed and filled in at home and then brought to school.: Student form, Parent form, Subject choice form
The list of DP subjects offered at Gimnazija Crnjanski:

Diagnostics tests

In order to assess previous knowledge and skills, students take three tests at school: Mathematics, Serbian/English as a mother-tongue, and English as the language of instruction.



Regarding Mathematics, students will take either Math Standard or Math Higher level test. The test takes 60 minutes.

Tasks for the test will be taken from the preparation pack available here:

Mathematics Standard preparation pack – algebra 1
Mathematics Standard preparation pack – algebra 2
Mathematics Standard preparation pack – geometry
Mathematics Higher preparation pack

Serbian A / English A

Students will have 30 minutes of oral discussion with the teacher, on one of the texts that can be downloaded here:

Serbian A texts for oral discussion
English A text for oral discussion

English as the language of instruction

Assessing students’ skills in English is an important part of the admission process as English is the language of instruction in the IB Diploma programme.

The test is taken at school and lasts 60 minutes.

Here, you can find a sample of the test:

English as the language of instruction sample test

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