Student Support

Student Support


At Gimnazija Crnjanski, we are focused on individual approach to students. Therefore, each student has the opportunity to choose one of the subject teachers to be his/her mentor, whose role is to take care and inform parents about the student’s progress, and notify the IB coordinator or the principal about any problems that the student may come across in his everyday school life.

Revision courses

In order to offer additional support for IBDP students to achieve higher results in the programme, Gimnazija Crnjanski offers intensive weekly courses that include all the subjects and levels which are offered in the school’s IB curriculum. Revision courses are organized during the spring and autumn breaks. The program is tailored in accordance with students’ individual needs, and the courses are organized as individual or group lessons, held at the school’s premises, or via Skype for those students who study abroad. For more information, contact IBDP coordinator.

ESL course and academic writing

IB Diploma programme is fully taught in English and demands a considerable English language competence. Therefore, we organize individual or small group lessons of additional English for the students who need to improve it to the required level.

Moreover, we offer extracurricular ESL courses preparing students for TOEFL, FC, CAE or IELTS language exams.

Finally, one of the biggest challenges for the DP students is how to write a good essay or answer an essay question in their exams. With this in mind, we have introduced a course in academic writing to teach students about a thesis statement, research question and other elements of an academic paper.

University admission counselling

We understand that applying to colleges and universities is an exciting and revealing experience for our students. However, it often becomes a complicated, demanding, and time-consuming process that requires guidance, support and counseling. Therefore, we help our students gain admission into university through individualized counseling process that begins as soon as they enter the Diploma Programme and continues until the actual application procedure has been completed and students receive their offers.

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