Day by day and bit by bit, autumn is reaching its last days. As we put on our mittens, hats, scarves, and thick coats, the smell of crisp leaves and fresh snow is mixing in with the ever-colder wind. Though many of us are looking forward to ice-skating and snowman building as autumn slowly turns into winter, the critters that live near the school will have to get busy finding a place to keep warm. In order to help the birds in the nearby forest find a shelter during the winter, the students of the IBDP program decided to help them by building tree houses and putting them up in the forest nearby.

Equipped with the newly built houses and pairs of walking shoes, the students set off to Košutnjak to set them up. After searching for a bit and finding adequate trees, our students set off to work.

Each birdhouse was filled with food in order to attract the birds to their new homes. In total, 4 birdhouses were placed all over Košutnjak. We really hope that soon we’ll be able to say hello to our new feathery friends!

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