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INTRODUCTORY sessions into the IBDP

“I am about to enroll at the IB Diploma Programme! Great!  But, I know very little about it!”

If this is your case, join us for the

Who? & How?
IBDP teachers will demonstrate the concept of the DP subject(s) and try to clarify all your dilemmas about the subject content. Each day is dedicated to one subject group, (usually 2 subjects per day):

Monday, group 1, Language A: Serbian, English

Tuesday, group 5, Mathematics

Wednesday, group 4, Sciences: Environmental systems and societies, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer science

Thursday, group 3, Humanities: History, Economics, Business management

Friday, group 2, Foreign languages: English, Spanish, French,

Where?                At the IBDP department of Gimnazija Crnjanski

When?                 May 21 (Monday) to June 8 (Friday)

How long?          3 weeks

What time?         14.00 to 16.00h.

You are free to choose the day/subjects you would like to attend and see what it may look like once you enter the programme.

Please send an e-mail to the IBDP coordinator and confirm the day(s)/subject(s) you are interested to attend.

Gordana Medakovic,

IBDP coordinator

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