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The performance “Romeo and Juliet- an unexpectedly joyful tragedy”, produced in the production of the Drama studio “BIS” and the Grammar School “Crnjanski”, won the significant grants and awards at the 22nd Theater encounters of the Serbian Grammar schools in Kragujevac. Kristina Stojanovic, for the role of Nanny, got the award for the best female role, Andjela Alavirevic and Anastasija Neskovic, as count Capulet and Paris- special awards “for women in male roles”, and Ivona Ilic got words of commendation for the role of countess Capulet. The whole ensemble of young actors also won the award for the best stage movement.

At this most prestigious Republic contest of  grammar school students in Serbia, three best performances are: “Everything is fine”- Grammar school from Lebane, “(Un)fortunate men”- The First Grammar School, Kragujevac and “Hamlet from Mrdusa Donja”- Grammar school from Prokuplje, which has successful cooperation and organization of mutual visits for two years with drama workshop of our Grammar school.

The performance “Romeo and Juliet” caused a lot of laughter and had a great impact on the audience in the crowded hall Knjazevac-Serbian Theater, and the photos, that we publish, were recorded on this performance.

Congratulations to everyone who, through the drama groups, make this world noble, smarter and more beautiful, and we would like to thank to hosts from the First Grammar School in Kragujevac for wonderful reception and stay at the Theater encounters!

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