National Program Teacher

Teacher Dragan was born in July 3, 1959 in Belgrade. Graduated in 1982 and has been working as a teacher since then. He completed several courses, seminars and workshops in the field of psychology, pedagogy and methodology. He was mentor to many generations of students. He worked at the Elementary School “Filip Kljajic Fica”, Elementary School “Milos Crnjanski” and Private Elementary School “Blue Circle”. He was also the editor, author and a host of the TV show for children “Toys Land” at the Children’s Television and TV K23. He is also the author and screenwriter of two TV films, several theatre performances. Likewise, he wrote over thirty songs that are composed and recorded, and the children sing them throughout Serbia. His poems are also found in readers and poetry collections for children. For more than ten years, he worked as an animator.

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