Professor of Serbian language and literature and teaching coordinator

Professor of Serbian language and literature (MA)- graduated from the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade. She worked as a journalist and an editor in the journal of literature and teaching methodology School class. Member of the Association of Journalists of Serbia since 1986. She has been working at the Elementary School “Milos Crnjanski” since 1993. She is also the initiator of the project “School for All”. Librarian- media librarian at the Grammar School “Crnjanski” since its foundation in 2002. She passed a specialized exam for librarians at the National Library of Serbia. Coordinator for teaching and a professor at the Grammar school from 2007 to 2009. Since 2009, she has been teaching Serbian language at the Elementary School “Blue Circle”, and since 2010, has been working as a teaching coordinator and a school principal. She teaches Serbian language and literature at the IBDP. She attended numerous licensed seminars for Serbian language and literature professors organized by the Society for Serbian Language and Literature of Serbia.

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