Professor of Physics

Graduated from the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Belgrade, Department of Physical Chemistry. He has been working at the Grammar school since its foundation. Apart from the Grammar school, he also teaches at the Private Elementary School “Blue Circle”, Cambridge and IB.

He was the secretary of the Physics Society of Serbia for years. At the expert seminars in teaching of Physics, he published several papers published in the Seminar Proceedings. The referee of Physics textbooks for elementary school published by the Institute for Textbook Research. Together with dr Milan Raspopovic, under the auspices of the Institute for Textbook Research, he published collections of tests for acquiring and checking students’ knowledge in Physics for elementary schools. At the Institute for Pedagogical Research, he worked on projects for networking of the concepts of physics and chemistry into a functional totality. He is dedicated to work with young talents. His students won dozens of first, second and third prizes at the highest level of competitions, for which he was awarded several times. Together with his student, he was at the first International Junior Science Olympiad Indonesia IJSO, held in Jakarta, Indonesia, where his student won a silver medal.

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