The Elementary School “Blue Circle” is a private elementary school, founded in 2006 and verified by the Ministry of Education and Sports of the Republic of Serbia, by resolution no. 022-05-00013/2006-07. It is located on Banovo Brdo, in the vicinity of Kosutnjak. The name “Blue circle” comes from the chapter’s headline from the novel “Migrations” by Milos Crnjanski, whose name is proudly carried by the Elementary School and the Grammar School, that have the direct cooperation with the Elementary School “Blue Circle”.  The Elementary School “Blue Circle” has started with the implementation of a curriculum from the second cycle of educational work since the school year 2009/2010. The curriculum is in compliance with the curriculum of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Serbia for the elementary school.

Cambridge Programme has been introduced since the school year 2012/2013, classes are being implemented in English. We also implement a special teaching programme for students who are actively engaged in sports. 60% of the total number of our students are athletes, especially those who train tennis, several of them, among the “Blue Circle” students, are state champions in the category up to 14 years.

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