The tuition fee varies depending on the class of students, as well as the programmes the students attend:

1,2,3,4 grade

  • National + Cambridge Programme – 4500 Euros

5,6,7,8 grade

  • National + Cambridge Programme – 6000 Euros
  • Solely National / Cambridge Programme from the 1st to 5th – 3000 Euros
  • Solely National / Cambridge Programme from the 5th to 8th – 4000 Euros
  • Students athletes – 3500 Euros

The school approves payments by several monthly installments (ten installments) as well as a large number of benefits, partial or full scholarships.

Correction of the tuition fee is possible in the following cases:

  • Total tuition fee payment (up to one month upon the agreement signing) – 10%
  • Enrollment of another child – 30%
  • Simultaneous enrollment of three or more children – 30% per child
  • Discounts for exceptional sport results, music and other achievements – up to 50%

The agreement price includes:

  • Regular, elective and optional tuition
  • Students’ support ( homework support, preparation for competitions…)
  • Use of school premises ( during the school day from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm)
  • Textbooks, workbooks, notebooks, school supplies
  • Sports equipment
  • Meals ( breakfast, snack, lunch)
  • Excursions, tours, various activities during sports days, visits to museums, theatres

The school organizes a number of optional contents for students:

  • Excursions
  • Foreign languages learning (in addition to required)
  • Transport of students to and from school

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