School resources

School resources

The school has 22 professors and 2 headteachers, 15 in subject tuition, 5 in the Cambridge Programme, 2 associates (psychologist, logopedist) and the school principal.

School premises
11 classrooms, a study room for informatics, 2 universal classrooms, a multimedia center-  a lecture theatre, a library with reading room, an extended stay, and a gymnasium, a dining room and a premise for reception and distribution of food.

School equipment
The school is equipped with teaching facilities. Each classroom has a projector and a tape recorder with CD, a TV and DVD. Specialized classrooms are equipped with adequate and necessary teaching facilities, which meet the standards. The school owns 2 interactive boards. The IT study room is equipped with 18 high-tech computers, 2 printers, a scanner, a DVD reader/ burner. The school possesses lavish library with a reading room with a large selection of school readings and contemporary literary works.

Resources of the environment
The school has very well organized and developed cooperation with the local community. This is a long-term, profound cooperation, which is constantly expanding in mutual benefit and satisfaction.

The cooperation with the Elementary School “Milos Crnjanski” and the Grammar School “Crnjanski” is particularly good. Quite good cooperation is with sports associations and organizations, as well as with publishers who organize book fair every year at the school.

Results of our students
High results are being accomplished in educational work with constant critical and creative reconsideration of practice, important for wider considerations of the conditions and possibilities of improving this kind of work.

It is also achievable by comprehensive engagement and commitment of school teachers, whose activity comes out of the framework of specialized work, to a wider field of social activity and teaching along with steps of education improvement, criticism, researching the results they achieve.

Numerous rewards, high reputation and students’ awards in competitions in the fields of natural sciences, Chemistry, Physics and Biology bear witness to the quality and the results.

The school is searching for a new model of work with the students, particularly with those actively engaged in sports.

Work organization
Students arrive at school at 8:10 am, from 8:10 to 8:30 am they have breakfast, and afterwards they are engaged in teaching activities, according to the timetable:

Time of activities

8:30-9:15 am 1st class

9:20-10:05 am 2nd class

10:05-10:20 am   snack, big school-break

10:25-11:10 am   3rd class

11:15-12:00 am   4th class

12:00-12:15 pm  lunchtime, break

12:15-1:00 pm   5th class

1:05-1:50 pm  6th class

1:50-2:15 pm  snack, break

2:20-3:05 pm   7th class

3:10-3:55 pm  workshops

Crucial subjects, such are Serbian, foreign languages, Mathematics, natural and social Sciences are held in the morning, while the afternoon is determined for Art, Sport and computers, as well as for learning support.

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Each student at the school, apart from the headteacher who takes care of the class as a unit, has a mentor teacher. Through the interviews with a teacher-mentor, the students have the opportunity to acknowledge the principles of proper and effective learning, to exchange the information relevant to achieving better results at school. The mentor constantly cooperates with the subject teachers and notifies the parents about the results. When the student is absent from the school, due to the participation in the tournaments, the teacher-mentor sends to the student, by an email, the content of the taught lessons.


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