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Grammar school “Crnjanski” students’ triumph at the International competition

Students of the Grammar school “Crnjanski” together with their mentor, professor of Geography Jelena Veselinovic, won the first place at the International competition entitled “Let’s cooperate for rivers” organized on the occasion of the River Sava Day on June 1. Participants in this competition were secondary schools of the countries from the Sava River basin.

Tara Komatina, Kaja Banicevic, Nikola Vukovic, Marko Miladinovic, Anastasija Gutic and Jovana Drulovic were invited to represent their work entitled “Sava embankment-Belgrade” at the Youth Parliament, Sava River basins in Kumrovec, Croatia.

In addition, they visited the Kozjanski Nature Park in Slovenia and the Vonarje dam at the border of Slovenia and Croatia.

Students and mentors from Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia were able to exchange their experiences for two days, represent different ideas and projects related to the Sava River.

In addition, our student, Tara Komatina, as a representative of our entire group, was unanimously elected by the public, for the Presidency of the Youth Parliament.
In this way we would like to thank the Young Researchers of Serbia, who involved us in this important project.

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