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Theater encounters of the Grammar schools

The performance “We are the story- what is yours?”, created in cooperation with the drama workshops of the Grammar school “Crnjanski” and the 13th Belgrade Grammar school, is the winner of the 23rd Theater Encounters of the Grammar schools, the greatest republican competition of this kind in Serbia, traditionally held in Kragujevac.

The play won the award for the best play as a whole, in opinion of the expert and audience jury, and the awards are given to Rista Milutinovic- for the best main male role, Andjela Alavirevic- for the best main female role, Aleksa Milosevic- for the best episodic male role and Ivona Ilic- for the best episodic female role.

Actors of the play also received the award for the best stage speech, and the credit goes solely to professor of the Grammar school Maja Bunjac, who is the manager of the drama workshop and the executive producer of the play. The play is directed by the actor Pavle Jerinic, former student of the Educational System “Crnjanski” and Stefan Simic, our former student and professor of sociology today, who also participated with other actors.

The production of the play is signed by studio “BIS!” which has been working quite successfully for the last fourteen years within the Grammar school “Crnjanski”. We are proud of our students’ success and thankful to Kragujevac for its warm reception and extraordinary gathering.


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