In order to introduce some color to their school and make the already beautiful decor look even nicer, the IB year 1 students of Milos Crnjanski have decided to contribute by planting trees around the school yard.

After discussing what they could do for their projects, the Creative, Activity, Service (CAS) teacher and the class has come up with the idea of doing something for the environment. They discussed the idea further and finally reached a consensus on planting trees, as it would not only cover the objective mentioned above, but also added to the aesthetic value of the school. Relja Gajic, the student who had initiated the idea, said “Anything can be fixed when you put your mind to it.”

And so the project began. After managing to raise the money to purchase several gorgeous and exotic Japanese cherry trees, the students set to work in the school yard. Though it was cold outside, the students worked tirelessly.

“I think that this kind of activity is very important,” Dimitrije, a student participating in the project commented. “I’d never done gardening work before, and it helps broaden up our horizons”

The final result was several trees planted in the front yard, which generations of students can now enjoy. We can wait to see how they’ll grow!

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