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St. Sava has always been the day for gathering, celebrating and helping those in needs. On Friday 26 of January 2018, IB Diploma Programme students, under the leadership of the CAS teacher Bogdan Obradović, and with the help and support of many other teachers, organized two amazing humanitarian activities.

Humanitarian funds are collected to help a first year national programme student, suffering from a serious disease.

Firstly, a ceremonial performance in honor of Saint Sava was held at the school ceremony hall, organized by the national programme students and teachers. The performance was educative, but it also contained some fun parts.

After the performance, the Bake Sale event: parents, teachers and students were invited to buy and enjoy the delicious cookies, made, decorated and nicely packed by IBDP Year 2 students: Milica, Mina and Isidora.

After that, the Table Tennis Tournament, inspired and organized by IBDP Year 1 student Relja, with the support of all the others: Dimitrije, Mihaela, Andrija, Maria, Nikola and Bogdan. Lots of students met and had fun together for more than 2 hours.

Overall, both humanitarian events were really successful, since the bake sale and the tennis tournament raised a considerable amount of money.

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