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Grammar School “Crnjanski” solemnly celebrated the School Day on Monday, March 27, with the premiere of the revived play “KABARETARDcic”. The performance is the original author’s project of our students and the Serbian language and literature teacher Maja Bunjac, who also signs the production. It was performed for the first time ten years ago with Stefan Simic in the main role. Stefan appeared as a special guest at the revived premier, as well as Lidija Savic, our former pupil, and both of them were scholars of the school. The play itself is a parody on the theme of schools and models of education today and it is played in the form of a real cabaret, with original songs and choreographies. It is also necessary to say that “KABARETARDcic” is the most rewarded performance of all drama workshop accomplishments of the Grammar School “Crnjanski” for 14 years of work. It was also the winner of the Olympic Cultural Festival Palilula and the Theatre Encounters of the Serbian grammar schools in Kragujevac and won numerous awards for acting, script and production.

In the present lineup of the performance, Ognjen Milosevic has the main role of ceremony master, a second-year student, and in other roles are Sara Elamzi Vlajic, Aleskandra Nadz, Maria Miljkovic, Andrija Susic, Iva Ivanovic, Adrijana Mulic, Marko Djukanovic, Vojislav Lepojevic and as associate members, Andjela Alavirevic. Milutin Ostojic, Pavle Dragicevic and Aleksej Malinovic also take part in the performance as musicians.

A lot of laughter, great amusement and a satirical edge reminding us what kind of school we really wanted to have featured this solemn performance. The premiere, on the occasion, also fitted into the celebration of the World Theatre Day. We expect new performances of the drama workshop and the performance of the play “KABARETARDcic” in April and May of this school year.

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