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Have you heard of Adligat? We didn`t but wanted to find out what`s behind the name. On March 8, 2018 , we , IBDP Y1 students paid a visit to this marvelous book museum, tucked in one of the numerous allies in Belgrade Banjica.

“Adligat” is a privately owned, non-profit book museum located in Belgrade, Serbia. Although existing generations before, it was officially founded in 1882 in Vojvodina as an institution known as the Lazic Library. It is home to more than one million bibliographic titles, of which many thousands are considered rarities. Among these rarities, it is possible to find books made out of rice, silk, goat skin and even out of elephant feces.

The tour of Adligat is a breathtaking experience. Reading about the collectibles it displays was impressive but experiencing it first-hand was quite inspiring. Other students felt the same way. Everyone appreciated seeing really old books in person, as well as seeing books from all around the world. Bogdan was especially content with seeing Russian literature, as he said: “Visiting the library left me warm-hearted as it was inspiring to see very old books and the history behind them. I was also glad to have seen the part related to Russian literature as it shares the roots to my culture.”

It is also impressive how there are books from so many different cultures in one place, ranging from Malaysian, Australian, African, Serbian etc. As Dimitrije commented: “It’s amazing how they have books from all over the world. They also own books which were given to them by ambassadors and ministers of other countries.”

A place worth a visit! That`s for sure!

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