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Established 2002


School With five stars

The "CRNJANSKI" education system is situated within a modern-architecture building, purposefully designed to facilitate the school's goal of providing students with the highest quality education, complying with world standards. "CRNJANSKI" aims to stimulate the intellectual, emotional and ethical growth of its students, helping them become aware, responsible and creative adults interested in the world around them.


Miloš Crnjanski ("Seobe", 1929)


High School "CRNJANSKI"

A modern school with an equal balance of traditional and contemporary teaching content, open towards experimentation and innovation. A school that prepares its students to cope with different systems of knowledge and practical application of skills.

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It enables each student to have a carefree education while respecting diversity and fostering talent in the fields of art, science and sports. For students who are active in sports, teaching is individualized and adapted.

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It enables students to receive an internationally recognized high school diploma, which is recognized by colleges and universities around the world allowing direct admission. A program that is open to ideas and encourages critical thinking and evaluation.

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It prepares students for life, helping them develop an informative curiosity and a lasting love for learning. The school is international and provides an exciting, multilingual school setting that constantly strives for perfection.

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  • Primary School Crnjanski
  • High School Crnjanski
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  • Primary School Plavi Krug
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  • Cambridge International Program
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Word of the founder

The private education system “Crnjanski” was created with the vision of becoming a leader among modern educational institutions. To us, effective pedagogy means providing students with excellent working conditions and teachers who can foster and sustain an interest in learning.

In accordance with our belief that ‘knowledge is a value’, the “Crnjanski” system is designed to be flexible and able to offer every student a different journey. Both the content of and approach towards instruction is tailored to individual students’ needs. This flexibility has also allowed “Crnjanski” system to grow with its students across the last 18 years, adapting our methods and curricula to new challenges and opportunities.

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Our professional and creative teaching staff use modern methods of teaching that emphasize critical thinking, foreign language acquisition, and computer literacy as the basic needs of today and tomorrow. They work alongside the students to help them develop cosmopolitan and holistic personalities, capable of independent inference and critical thinking.

In addition to regular classroom education, other features of “Crnjanski” system include small-group tutelage, one-on-one mentorship, among other programs. Their goal is to develop not only students’ academic aptitude, but also individual talents and skills.

Alongside various international programs intended for students who aim to pursue university and postgraduate degrees abroad, “Crnjanski” system also places emphasis on mastering the national program.

Gordana Milojević
Founder of the educational system "Crnjanski"
Gordana Markovic

System growth

Primary school "Miloš Crnjanski"Established in 1992

High School "Crnjasnki"Established in 2002

Primary school "Plavi Krug"Established in 2006

international bacalaureate programmeAcredited in 2006

Cambridge international programmeAcredited in 2012


30.12.2021. END OF SEMESTER
27.01.2022 ST SAVA'S DAY
21.06.2022. END OF SCHOOL YEAR
08.11.2021 - 12.11.2021 AUTUMN BREAK
31.12.2021. - 21.01.2022. WINTER VACATION
22.03.2022 SCHOOL DAY
22.04.2022. - 03.05.2022 SPRING BREAK
22.06.2022. - 31.08.2022 SUMMER VACATION


Fantastic achievement of Demetra team

11th Sava Youth Parliament in Ljubljana

For the third year in a row, our Demetra team won the competition organized by the International Commission for the Sava River Basin.
They had the best video in Serbia, in which they explained the decades-old but, unfortunately, still current problems of the Topčider river, as well as natural solutions that could be implemented in several locations in Belgrade.
The 11th Youth Parliament from the Sava river basin was held in the capital of Slovenia - Ljubljana, and our team was led by g... more

Winner of the Republic Competition in French


Magdalena Živanović, a fourth-grade student at the "Crnjanski" high school, won first place at the Republic Competition in French. Magdalena has always shown a love for languages and perfected her language competencies, culminating in great national success. The prize for winning first place is a two-week stay at a language learning center in Switzerland or France. All congratulations to Magdalena!!... more

Sports day at Ada lake

Good traditions last

The beginning of the school year in the "Crnjanski" educational system was marked by sports activities at Ada Ciganlija on Thursday, September 8, 2022.
Students of the older classes of "Plavi krug" elementary school, as well as students of the National and International Program of “Crnjanski High School”, made history on a beautiful September day to enjoy nature.
The greatest interest of the students was in cycling, a group of students and their teachers went around the whole circle ... more

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