Primary School
"Plavi Krug"

Established 2006

It enables each student to have a care free education while respecting diversity and fostering talent in the fields of art,science and sports.

For students who are active in sports,teaching is individualized and adapted.

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At the “Plavi Krug” Primary School, each student is provided with protected schooling where respect for diversity is incentivised and individual talent is supported in the fields of arts, science and sports. For students who are dedicated to a sport, teaching is individualized and adapted to their needs. Our school is an environment where the child is encouraged to perceive the world, ask questions, seek answers, develop critical thinking and, accordingly, grow into a versatile, humane and tolerant individual.

Positive and stimulating environment

At the "Plavi Krug" Primary School, we strive to provide every student with a positive and stimulating environment for safe and healthy growth, schooling and intellectual development.

Individual teaching

In addition to the regular teaching programs identified in the curriculum, “Plavi Krug” Primary School offers programs tailored to students who are actively involved in sports. The individual teaching program provides the opportunity for consultative and adapted teaching plan in order for its attendees to successfully master the curriculum and maintain continuity of extracurricular activities.

Programme of the "Plavi Krug" Primary School

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