One generation is parting, I guess it's called growing up

On the 8th of June, 2021, the students of the 8th grade of "Plavi Krug" had their last day of school in this school year.
After attending classes with their class teacher, Nenad Golović, they walked out of school followed by a great applause by students from the first to the seventh grade, and their class and subject teachers.
On their walk out the school, the excitement, pride, joy and laughter were present on their faces, and some of our eight graders had tears in their eyes.
They crossed the first big step on the path of growing up, on their educational path. A message that was written on their T-shirts was describing how they see this big step, "One generation is parting, I guess it's called growing up."
Many of them will enroll in the "Crnjanski" High School and stay in our Educational System, some will enroll in state high schools, vocational schools, and some students will continue to play sports successfully alongside their high school education.
We wish all our eighth graders to be good, successful and special, as they have been so far!

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